AFIRE Podcast #52: Racial Equity and Real Estate

(Featuring Shumeca Pickett, Founder, Principal, Alfred Dewitt Ard)

The events of the past year have driven businesses to confront racial inequity, but some still shy away from the challenging language needed to make real, restorative, and economic progress.

. . . so what should leaders in the real estate industry do to meet the moment? Corporate social responsibility (CSR), diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives, and ESG reporting are part of the solution, but don’t always inspire change from the top down. What can the past tell us about the present to provide the framework for individuals and organizations to foster a more equitable future?

In this episode of the AFIRE Podcast, Shumeca Pickett, Founder and Principal of Alfred Dewitt Ard, a social impact consultancy, talks about race, equity, White supremacy, and challenging but necessary language needed to create meaningful change.

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This podcast is based on the article “Confronting the Myth” from Summit Journal (Spring 2021). Read and download the article here.


Shumeca Pickett is the Founder and Principal of Alfred Dewitt Ard. Prior to launching Alfred Dewitt Ard, Shumeca held diversity, equity, and inclusion and strategy, team, and business development leadership roles at JP Morgan Chase and PNC Bank. Shumeca also provided leadership of her native city’s economic development organization’s inclusive economic growth culture and agenda.

She is a sought-after speaker and consultant in both the marketplace and on the Christian circuit of churches, colleges, and universities.




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