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AFIRE is an essential forum for real estate investment thought leadership – AFIRE members gather throughout the year to help each other become Better Investors, Better Leaders, and Better Global Citizens through conversations, research, and analysis of real estate capital markets, cross-border issues, policy, economics, technology, and management. Representing the “who’s who” in the global real estate investment industry, AFIRE membership is exclusive to principals and senior executives.



From @GlobeStcom: The gateway markets have been struggling as people left for more affordable areas during the pandemic. However, the bleeding may soon stop. In a new report, Freddie Mac Multifamily sees potential for positive growth by the end of 2021.

According to the mid-year global real estate market report from @CBRE, the overall outlook for global real estate is positive, even as COVID-19 remains a risk—but the vaccine program in the developed world has turned the tide.

What’s the housing issue of AFIRE’s Summit Journal all about? Start exploring now:

Higher taxes are likely in 2022 – the question is, which taxes will be impacted and by how much? (via @NuveenInv)

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