AFIRE is the association for international real estate investors focused on commercial property in the United States.

AFIRE is an essential forum for real estate investment thought leadership – AFIRE members gather throughout the year to help each other become Better Investors, Better Leaders, and Better Global Citizens through conversations, research, and analysis of real estate capital markets, cross-border issues, policy, economics, technology, and management. Representing the “who’s who” in the global real estate investment industry, AFIRE membership is exclusive to principals and senior executives.



The investment community can have an active role in an equitable economic recovery—but it will require the necessary discomfort of recasting the traditional risk/return framework, via @_StandardREI

According to @Barings this year’s recovery is distinct from other recoveries. On on the upside, it brings a happy end to a difficult time, but it also introduces new economic problems that will far outlast the pandemic.

“Innovation, demographic forecasting, economic and geopolitical stability, and supportive investment policies will be key for success in US real estate over the next decade,” revealed Gunnar Branson, CEO @AFIREglobal

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