AFIRE’s executive conference and events offer exclusive access to in-depth market analyses, executive education, global experts and thought leaders, and networking with like-minded peers around the world.

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Through AFIRE events, members access a global network of market insights, educational resources, and research collaborations designed to improve leadership, industry awareness, and better investing practices for global real estate.

Click here to learn more about the history of AFIRE events, which have featured US presidents, foreign prime ministers, hundreds of industry experts, and some of the most influential names in real estate in the past thirty years. All AFIRE events are closed to media.


New York, NY
September 10–11, 2024
Munich, Germany
October 8, 2024
New York, NY
November 18–19, 2024
Washington, DC
February 11–13, 2025
Berlin, Germany
June 11–12, 2025

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