AFIRE Podcast #56: Housing For Goldilocks: Single-family Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the advantages of single-family living. It appears to have accelerated an existing trend of migration to less dense, more affordable areas.

The US housing market began 2020 with favorable demographics-driven housing demand, balanced new supply, healthy home appreciation, and responsible mortgage lending. However, the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic led to the worst economic disruption in history, with more than 22 million lost jobs between February and April 2020.

In response, the US government approved nearly US$3 trillion in fiscal stimulus while the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to zero and rolled out an unprecedented scale of support to restart the financial system. Combined, government responses to the COVID-19 crisis helped to stabilize the economy and the housing market has emerged as a bright spot in the recovery.

However, the resilience of the housing market can be explained by structural factors that persisted before and during the economic crisis. In this episode of the AFIRE Podcast, Robert Sun, leader of Product Development and Corporate Strategy at GTIS Partners—a leading real assets private equity firm in the Americas, investing in the US and Brazil—discusses these structural factors, and what’s next for housing in the US.

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Robert Sun leads Product Development and Corporate Strategy at GTIS Partners. He is am primarily responsible for researching, developing, and launching new products and strategic initiatives. Robert supports the Senior Management Team in the development of the firm’s long-range strategic objectives through the identification and analysis of growth opportunities.

GTIS Partners is a leading real assets investment firm in the Americas, headquartered in New York with offices in São Paulo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Paris and Munich.

GTIS’ dedicated research professionals work hand-in-hand with its investment teams to identify macro trends early, including investing in Brazil in 2005, United States residential in 2009 and single-family rental as an emerging asset class in 2010. As a pioneer in its business fields, GTIS ranks among the largest real estate private equity investors in Brazil, and a leading diversified residential investor in the United States. In 2018, GTIS established a Brazil Renewable Energy Infrastructure platform to pursue investment opportunities in onshore wind development, solar PV development, and operational renewable energy assets.




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