AFIRE Podcast #46: Proptech and the Future of CRE

(Featuring Vincent Cicciarelli, Growth Lead, JLL Spark)

As proptech continues to transform commercial real estate, discoveries happening on the venture side provide key insights on the future of ESG, portfolio optimization, cost savings, and human capital.

In this two-part AFIRE Podcast, host and AFIRE CEO Gunnar Branson sits down with Vincent Cicciarelli, Growth Lead at JLL Spark, to look at the current state of proptech for CRE, how pandemic-related evolutions in space usage present a unique problem that proptech is especially suited to solve, and what these solutions will mean for investors into the future.

With unique insights as a member of JLL Spark, one of the leading proptech venture funds, Cicciarelli explains how he and his group “look for novel technology solutions to age-old problems in commercial real estate.”

What age-old problems are set to be solved next?

Listen below or on your favorite podcast service (Apple, Google, Spotify) for the full episode.


Vincent Cicciarelli is Growth Lead, Americas for JLL Spark.

Founded in 2017, JLL Spark’s team and venture capital fund have invested tens of millions of dollars in more than twenty early-stage PropTech startups—from IoT sensors to investment platforms and more. JLL Spark is a global venture fund investing in early to mid-stage property technology startups

Over decades, JLL Spark has observed technology revolutionize commerce, finance, communication, information, and transportation. Yet real estate, the largest global investor class, is still in the early stages of tech adoption. JLL Spark believes that Proptech will be the next wave of innovation, and are committed to leading this transformation.




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