2023 Annual Member Meeting

New York, NY, September 11–13, 2023

AFIRE members are invited to save the date for the AFIRE 2023 Annual Member Meeting in September 2023.

Location, speakers, and additional details will be announced soon.

Watch this page or check AFIRE Global for updates.

(This event is only for AFIRE members and invited guests.)

This agenda is regularly updated. Watch this page or check AFIRE Global for updates.



Project Tours


Welcome Reception



Conference Program


Networking Reception


Keynote Dinner



Conference Program


Board of Directors Meeting

The AFIRE 2023 Annual Member Meeting in will be held at 583 Park Ave, a historic event venue close to Midtown, Central Park, and dozens of nearby hotels.

(Note: 583 Park Ave is a wholly dedicated event venue and not a hotel. Meeting attendees are responsible for their own hotel bookings.)

AFIRE maintains a flexible cancellation or registration adjustment policy for the 2023 Annual Member Meeting.

AFIRE will provide full refunds for in-person cancellations.

Requests for refunds or adjustments received prior to September 11, 2023 will be processed within a few business days. Any requests received from September 11, 2023 up to the beginning of the event will be processed after the event concludes.

All requests for cancellations or alterations should be made in writing to atewelde@afire.org.

Lodging cancellations or adjustments should be handled directly with your hotel.

The 2023 Annual Member Meeting is closed to all press and media.

AFIRE reserves the right to capture and broadcast digital media content in the form of professional photographs, live-streaming, audio, and video during the 2022 Annual Member Meeting.

By registering for the meeting, you hereby grant permission to AFIRE and its representatives to photograph and/or record you during the in-person and virtual events at the 2022 Annual Member Meeting, and to distribute, broadcast, use, or otherwise globally disseminate, in perpetuity, such media without any further approval or payment.

All meeting attendees agree to observe AFIRE’s House Rules regarding protected discussions, mutual respect, and inclusivity.

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