2020 AFIRE Virtual Event: Change Management, or Change Leadership?

Online, April 16, 2020

Change Management, or Change Leadership?

An AFIRE Virtual Event (Members Only)
April 16, 2020, 10:30-11:30 ET

The organizations we lead and the communities we serve are undergoing change on a scale unseen in our lifetime—and unprecedented in our modern digital era.

As much of the global community finds itself actively testing methods to weather the current crisis—both personally and corporately—it’s more important than ever to understand the holistic intensity of uncertainty. While we are all expected to successfully manage the twists and turns of disruption in our new everyday lives, as leaders in the real estate industry, we need to learn what it means to lead change, rather than letting it lead us.

How can and should we maintain cultural cohesion during a time of remote connectivity? What should we be doing for our own psychological health and for supporting the health of our coworkers and employees? How should we build the new normal for working with our constituents, stakeholders, tenants, and partners?

Register here or below to join the conversation along with AFIRE member experts to discuss the pitfalls and possibilities of organizational change and innovation during a time COVID-19.



Launched in early 2020 as part of AFIRE’s membership events program, AFIRE Virtual Events provide a recurring digital format for AFIRE members to stay connected beyond in-person meetings.

The weekly, members-only, town hall-style meetings are simple 60-minute, discussion-style sessions (hosted on Zoom), with AFIRE member panelists and presenters talking about current trends and ideas in an accessible, conversational format.

Other special virtual events, outside the weekly scheduled, focus on specialized and timely topics, as well as supporting ongoing education and research.

AFIRE Virtual Events are recorded and made available for members only.


Asmait Tewelde, Meeting Director
atewelde@afire.org+1 202 312 1404

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