2020 AFIRE Virtual Event: Special Topic

Online, April 23, 2020

Lending and Debt During COVID-19

An AFIRE Virtual Event (Members Only)
April 23, 2020, 10:30-11:30 ET

The pandemic crisis of COVID-19 continues to impact everything from contract negotiation and debt workouts to financing decisions and valuation.

Private lending is on the rise as otherwise established lenders step back to address their own liquidity concerns. Meanwhile, lending is still happening in some sectors, such as multifamily and industrial, but mounting questions around capital deployment and risk are cultivating caution across the board.

Amidst market attitudes and habits shifting in response to the crisis, many are asking: What are lenders thinking right now? How are we going to negotiate (and re-negotiate) covenants? How should we be managing workouts going forward?

Leaders from all AFIRE member organizations are invited to join the conversation and hear what others are saying about lending and debt during COVID-19.



Launched in early 2020 as part of AFIRE’s membership events program, AFIRE Virtual Events provide a recurring digital format for AFIRE members to stay connected beyond in-person meetings.

The weekly, members-only, town hall-style meetings are simple 60-minute, discussion-style sessions (hosted on Zoom), with AFIRE member panelists and presenters talking about current trends and ideas in an accessible, conversational format.

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Asmait Tewelde, Meeting Director
atewelde@afire.org+1 202 312 1404

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