AFIRE Podcast #40: Ethics, Front and Center

(Featuring El Rosenheim, Founder, CEO, Profimex)

While discussed in universities, business schools, and corporate mission statements, ethics need to be front-and-center during times of crisis and uncertainty. What should this look like in the world real estate investing?

In this two-part AFIRE Podcast, host and AFIRE CEO Gunnar Branson sits down with El Rosenheim, Founder and CEO of Profimex, to discuss what honesty, transparency, and integrity look like in practice for business leaders, investment managers, stakeholders, and communities.

Rosenheim is also the chair of AFIRE’s Ethics Committee, and this episode expands on his article, “A Call to Ethics,” which first appeared in Summit Journal. While the purpose of investing is to profit, Rosenheim says, the pursuit of returns must not ignore the implications of the decisions we make every day—consciously and unconsciously—as investors, fiduciaries, and global citizens.

This podcast is part of AFIRE’s Ethics Project. Launched in 2020 and led by AFIRE members, the Ethics Project aims to develop an ethics for the global commercial real estate investor community—inwards, for how we work with each other, and outwards, for all users of the built environment.

Listen below or on your favorite podcast service (Apple, Google, Spotify) for the full episode.


El Rosenheim is CEO and Founder of Profimex Ltd.

Profimex serves wealthy private investors, private and public companies and institutional investors and enables them to participate with it and its partners around the world, in diverse cross-border investments in the fields of real estate and renewable energy. Profimex’s investors include more than 2,000 private investors, private and public companies, kibbutzim and institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds and provident funds. Entry thresholds for private investors range from $100,000 to $500,000.

Profimex specializes in investing through affiliates with local partners around the world. The investments alongside these partners, with many years of experience and a proven track record, are made while maintaining the principle of executive remuneration based on success and alignment between the interests of the executives and those of the investor.




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