AFIRE Podcast #34: Office (S)pace and Institutional Investment

(Featuring Christopher Muoio, Vice President, Data and Research, Madison International Realty)

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought massive shifts in behavior, as social distancing and other public health protocols have reshaped our daily lives. What does this mean for institutional investment in the office sector after COVID?

A wide-scale embrace of remote work and decentralized labor forces will have significant ramifications on the future demand for office space across the US. However, these narratives have been counterbalanced by companies such as Amazon and Facebook leasing additional office space in recent months, as they envision a future return to normalcy once the pandemic has subsided.

Given the potential impact remote work could have on office space demand and investments, determining its true scale is paramount. If remote work set-ups were not having negative impacts on company operations, and were viewed favorably by executives, then such impacts and views would need to be accounted for in the investment process and market selection—at least in the near- to medium-term.

In this podcast, Christopher Muoio, Vice President, Data and Research of Madison International Realty, talks about how his group used both traditional and alternative data analysis to get at the heart of the current remote work environment and the outlook for institutional investment in the office sector after COVID?

This podcast is based on the article “Office Pace” from Summit Journal (Fall 2020). Read the full article here.


Christopher Muoio is Vice President, Data and Research at Madison International Realty. Madison focuses on capital partner replacements, equity monetizations and recapitalizations for Class A properties and portfolios located throughout the US, UK and Western Europe. Since inception, Madison has raised $6.5 billion in capital commitments from more than 150 institutional investors worldwide and has invested in more than 185 million square feet of privately owned commercial real estate with a gross asset value $116.1 billion.




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